Cut To Size Aluminium

Aluminium is second most commonly used material after steel; it has a silvery-white finish and is non-magnetic. It is extremely versatile and can provide ample structural support without the added weight that is associated with steel products. Furthermore, it is ideal for fabrication and machining when corrosion resistance and workability are of more importance than hardness and general strength.


On a larger scale aluminum is more frequently being used for: automobile frames and parts, railway carts, boat frames and parts, airplane structures, electrical transmissions and wiring. However, it is also used in general households for kitchen utensils, packaging foils and containers, indoor and outdoor furniture, gutters, window and door frames, and as grills and bumpers on a variety of vehicles.


The cut to size aluminium profiles we offer include: angles, flat bars, rounds, pipes, round tube, square tubes, rectangle tubes, sheets, channels, I-beams, expanded metal and tread plate.


We carry various aluminum grades, including: 6061, 6063, 5052, 3003.