Steel is a commercial alloy of iron and other elements, such as carbon, that is used generally in construction and other structural applications due to its low cost but high tensile strength. Steel comes in multiple finishes, including hot rolled and cold rolled. Hot rolled steel is the most common form of steel due to its low cost and accessibility, however it has been rolled at the mill and therefore has a darker and rougher exterior. Hot rolled is the preferred choice for many structural and fabrication uses. Cold rolled has a more accurate tolerance and a smoother finish due to being drawn through a set of dies at room temperature. Cold rolled is commonly used for machining due to its tighter tolerance and finish.


Steel has multiple uses, including: structural applications such as buildings and bridges, transportation parts for automobiles and boats, and resource extraction and storage in the oil and gas industries. Steel is also frequently used on smaller scales by hobbyists and home owners, it can be used for: automobile frames and repairs, kitchen utensils, fences and landscaping, work tables, light fixtures, and home security.


The steel profiles we offer include: angles, flat bars, rounds, pipes, round tubes, square tubes, rectangle tubes, sheets, channels, hexagon bars, I-beams, and expanded metal.


We carry various steel grades, including: 1045, 4140, and 1018.


We carry different types of steel such as: ERW, DOM, HR, CF, HSS, HTSR, T&G.